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Ten Elements That Help Boost Your eCommerce Website Credibility

Consumers and Website Credibility In the 1990s, when graphical browsers graced computers with a way to view websites, web surfers became enamored with the technology and their ability to visit, or surf, websites for information. When businesses began using the digital channel to sell their products, many consumers lacked trust in eCommerce websites. Studies have […]

Crisis Communication – How to Communicate To Your Customers During COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic caught many businesses, specifically B2B firms, unprepared to manage a crisis of its magnitude. Managing supply chain challenges, customer support, and customer communication proved toilsome, especially for businesses without a crisis communication plan. Because of the lack of preparedness, many B2B firms found that their customers were switching to other suppliers for […]

Sales Analysis – Annual Plan Control

Sales Analysis In the article titled The Marketing Control Process for your Business – Explained, I outline what marketing controls are:  “Marketing control is a process where company management or executives analyze and assess their marketing activities and programs.” The marketing control process includes four types of marketing control, they are, Annual plan control Profitability […]

Does Your B2B Company Measure up to Marketing Excellence?

Marketing in many B2B firms is often lackadaisical at best. However, B2B marketing does not and should not be halfhearted, especially in today’s digital, customer-driven marketing environment. B2B companies that achieve marketing excellence are better positioned to outperform competitors because they put customers first, create strategic alliances, and are value and outcome-driven.   “Because the purpose […]

Why Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing are the Same and Different

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing are the Same? Walk outside or in your own office and ask someone to tell you the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. The chances are that the general response will be that traditional marketing is not digital marketing and that digital marketing is online marketing. Huh? The reality is, there […]

Customer Engagement Marketing to Grow Your Brand

  To improve your customer engagement strategies, “Ask not how you can sell, but how you can help.” -Kellogg School of Management   Mass Marketing: Marketing from the Past If you do not have a customer engagement marketing strategy, you miss out on opportunities to build your brand and grow your business. Businesses engaging their customers are […]

Why Your Company Pitch Sucks and How To Fix It

I can not count how many times I’ve heard members of a firm pitch their company. At trade shows, product presentations, marketing meetings, and other events. It’s the same dull pitch. A company representative gets up in front of the audience, clears their throats, asks how the audience is doing, and proceeds to tell them […]