Pivot Budgets from Event Spending to Educational Content Creation

With COVID-19 practically paralyzing economies, businesses are scrambling to find a way to survive. Traditionally, B2B companies leverage events, such as trade shows, to generate sales leads. However, as marketing events get canceled or businesses scale back on attending events for fear of exposing employees to the virus, these activities are getting cut from the marketing budget.

One way to generate leads without attending events is to create quality content that drives traffic to your company website and convert visitors to prospects. B2B firms, now more than ever, need to develop a digital marketing strategy if they plan to survive through this pandemic and long after it has passed.

The Takeaway

As B2B moves away from event spending, they need to develop an aggressive digital content strategy. The content strategy needs to focus on educating and informing potential customers about how the firms product or services can solve the customers’ pain points, especially during this pandemic. It’s time to help customers understand and learn. It is not a time to self-promote without giving back to the community or society.

In an eMarketer report, customers want to hear from brands, but only if they are part of the solution. That is, are B2B brands helping their communities and society in general? B2B content needs to be part of the solution and not the problem. Communicate empathy and sympathy in your content, advertisements, and marketing collateral.