Misconceptions about Communication Presentation

Effective communication begins with understanding the misconceptions of communication, also known as communication myths. This presentation, available in Powerpoint or Keynote and easily transferable to Google Slides, is the perfect way to train your students or employees looking to learn more about communication myths.


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Product Description

Before you can run, you must walk. The same holds for communication: before being an effective communicator, you must understand the misconceptions about communication. While we all communicate, becoming an effective communicator requires training, like an athlete. The Miscommunications About Communication Presentation, available in Powerpoint (PPT) or Keynote downloads (easily transferable to Google Slides), outlines the six myths about communication.

This communication presentation is suitable for communication instructors or employment trainers looking to provide a foundation for understanding the six communication myths.

The presentation exposes the learner to how people can misunderstand one another through communication misconceptions through informative slides and activities.

Each presentation slide outlines a communication misconception and offers additional insights through instructor notes in the presentation. Also included is a Misconceptions about Communication pdf Companion Sheet that offers additional information and three activities the instructor can assign learners to reinforce the concepts.

The following Misconceptions about Communication Presentation include the following concepts:

  1. Communication Requires Complete Understanding
  2. Communication Solves All Problems 
  3. Communication Is A Good Thing 
  4. Meanings Are In Words 
  5. Communication Is Simple 
  6. It’s Better to Communicate More