The COVID-19 Customer Crisis Communication Letter Templates are a set of five letter templates written to help you communicate effectively to customers about how your organization is handling the COVID-19 pandemic. The sample letters can be adapted to fit almost any crisis communication needs, not just COVID-19.

Each of the five letter templates are professionally written in a Microsoft Word document allowing you to make edits and quickly adapt the content to your business communication needs.

You can distribute the letters as an email attachment, add the content from the Word document to an email, newsletter, or your company website.

All five letters will download together in a single downloadable zipped folder.

COVID-19 Customer Crisis Communication Letter Template Contents

  • Letter 1 – The process of keeping customers and employees safe. (This letter addresses what steps your company is taking to retain customers, employees, and vendors safe at their place of business.) 
  • Letter 2 – Keeping production safe. (This is a letter written with the food industry in mind, yet, it is easily adaptable for any production process. The letter describes how the company is keeping customer products safe during the pandemic.)
  • Letter 3 – Product and service delays. (This letter informs customers about any possible service or production delays. Select from four possible options or create your custom version.)
  • Letter 4 – Outbreaks and Staff Shortages. (Addresses any potential COVID-19 outbreaks and or staff shortages and what the firm is doing to address the situation.)
  • Letter 5 – Communication Channels. (This letter addresses the communication channels for customers to use to receive and send information to the firm.)