Cicero’s Persuasive Communication Tips

When it came to delivering public speeches and inciting his audiences emotionally, Cicer was the master Roman orator. Learn his communication strategies in this FREE pdf resource guide.



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  • 5 Page PDF Resource Guide
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Product Description

Cicero was a great Roman orator that knew how to captivate his audiences. He did not appeal to their logical or sensible side. Instead, Cicero believed emotions were the essential element in convincing people. He used his persuasive strategies to tap into his audience’s emotions and persuade them through his many speeches and writings.

Cicero’s Persuasive Communication Tips PDF is a 5-page document that outlines his persuasive strategies and tactics and explains why each works. Cicero’s Persuasive Communication Tips are the basis for this document.

The resource guide is ideal for students, professionals, and communication professionals.

The following persuasive tenants are covered in this document:

  1. Repetition
  2. Vivid Language
  3. Guilt by Association
  4. Exaggeration
  5. Labeling
  6. Fearmongering
  7. Us versus Them
  8. Mudslinging (Personal Insults)
  9. Rhyming Words
  10. Simplification
  11. Religion
  12. Transferral
  13. Testimoney
  14. Divert and Distract
  15. Paralipsis
  16. Humor
  17. Props and VIsual Aids
  18. Speech Delivery