Customer Success Story

Marketing Communications along the Buyer’s Journey.

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As an EV start-up, we lacked the data to create an actual customer case study. However, we needed to develop marketing collateral to help prospective customers along the B2B buyer’s journey. The result was to take the information from one of our EV sales to a customer in the Philippines and write a customer success story about solving their immediate pain points. This piece of collateral would serve as part of the “desire” or “preferences” step in the buyer’s journey, depending on the marketing communications micromodel used. In our case, I followed the AIDA micromodel of marketing communications for our B2B buyer’s journey mapping.

Process and Strategy

The process and strategy for gathering information were straightforward. I wanted to demonstrate how our firm helped solve the immediate pain points for local citizens and tourists of Boracay Island in the Philippines.

Through several interviews with our customers and partners, the goal was to write about their existing noise and air pollution problem and how our EV product helped reduce their pain, and the overall results.

Without quantifiable data, we focused on the customer’s testimony due to the lack of quantifiable data early in our research.


The success story aimed to serve as marketing communications during the desirability stage of the buyer’s journey. The intent was to showcase how this particular product solved a customer pain point. Not only did the customer begin solving their original pollution challenges on the island, but we also discovered another pain point that was solved. By switching from fuel-based trikes to all-electric trikes, drivers on the island could increase their wages by reducing their fuel costs since they were responsible for paying fuel costs on the rented vehicles.

The marketing collateral served as a tool for our sales team. It helped boost our stocks, temporarily demonstrating to investors that delivered products to customers were received with enthusiasm.