About Allen Stafford

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

-Rick Warren, The Purpos Driven Life

My Story – Why I Want To Help You Build Your Business

My Mission

“To inspire and motivate professionals through education; helping them develop sound critical and strategic thinking, and effective decision making skills that help improve their performance.”

My Core Values

Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms.

-simon mainwaring

My Core Values:

I am committed to honoring and managing the integrity of my word by being my word in action. Integrity is the internal compass that provides me with guidance and direction in all my endeavors.

I am committed to being authentic by being real and honest with myself and others, by owning my vulnerabilities and accepting my humanness. I am open, transparent, vulnerable, and courageous in self-disclosing and sharing with others who I am.

My actions toward myself and others are generated from a place of compassion; being genuinely concerned for others by being kind, caring, sensitive, humble, and understanding.

I am committed to having the courage and conviction of being and doing what is integral for me, by taking risks, being bold, and unreasonable by asking more of myself than I ask of others.

I am committed to building trust by being believable, dependable, and reliable; by seeking feedback, listening attentively and being open, vulnerable and supportive of others. To the degree that I trust myself (self-trust) is the degree that others trust me and that life opens up for me. Without trust, I cannot have integrity.

Personal Development/Constant and Never Ending Improvement:
I am committed to constantly bring forth change and never-ending improvement in myself by striving to be the highest expression of myself. Through my own personal insights, experiences, and learning, I am committed to self-improvement and helping others improve in a positive way.

I am committed to having an optimistic outlook toward life and others, always striving to find the good in life events and others.

I endeavor to enjoy life’s opportunities by not always taking myself too seriously, to have fun and enjoy humor and share laughter with those around me.